Public commission , 2023 Hössna school, Ulricehamn municipality


The children at Hössna school, invited Fredell into their stories and experiences during a visit to the school. They showed their shy, mischievous and curious sides and she got to see their different perspectives.

Based on that, Fredell made a work consisting of a coherent pattern. Through an overall embrace, their stories come together as a whole. The work can be read as a treetop, a watercourse or a topographical map. On closer inspection, however, this pattern hides many small things: everything from insects to detached fragments and fantasies.

Public commission , 2024 Hällestadgården 

Finspång municipality


A artwork with clear connection to traditional Swedish folk art , with its lushness and imaginativeness. In the assignment  something familiar was requested, as several demented people stay at the facility and can be frightened by strange and new impressions. The kurbits represented the idea of the flower and were often pure fantasy flowers often evident in traditional Swedish folk art.  We can see how the  gourd flower rises out of nowhere to fill the void between heaven and earth. When the work was assembled, a 92-year-old woman was helped to feel the work. She had lost her sight at the age of 60 but was able to experience the work by feeling the structure and shape of the different yarns.